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  • Garlic and Honey Sauce

    This inspired combination brings together the distinctive scent of garlic with a sweet tracing of honey, producing the truly amazing flavours of umami. Be creative! Try it with chicken wings or ribs, this sauce can go with almost any dish. Use it as a marinade, to make a stir fry or as a salad dressing. 

  • Thai Inferno – Hot Chilli Sauce

    Great Taste Award 2020 winner, the spicy outbursts of bird’s eye chilli and a perfect blend of Thai herbs that will give you an immediate kick sending you straight into the jungles of Thailand, it is used to give any dish a spicy injection. Its distinctive balance of flavours will linger in your mouth leaving you wholly satisfied. It can be used as a dipping sauce, as an all rounder or even as a marinade/cooking. 

  • Zero Sugar Siamese Sweet Chilli

    This classic condiment from Siamese cuisine has been widely known as the nation’s favourite for its wide range of usage as a dipping and stir fry sauce which can be paired with any dish from both Eastern and Western cuisines. With this sugar-free formula, you can enjoy this sauce in style.

    Please note: This product contains an artificial ingredient. Please check the ingredients for further information.


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