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Lazy Scientist Sauces

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  • Brixton Hot Sauce

    BRIXTON Hot Sauce

    The sauce that started it all. Brixton is my homage to the vibrant, local community where Lazy Scientist started.

    This is a West African styled sauce; born and raised in the heart of SW9. All ingredients sourced from sellers on Electric Avenue and lovingly mixed nearby.

    Works great as a pizza crust dip or for adding a bit of zing to any pasta sauce.

  • Mango Reaper Hot Sauce

    Mango Reaper Hot Sauce

    Sweet, sensual mango mixed with agave syrup gives way to a throat warming sting from the infamous Carolina Reaper.

    This sauce goes just fabulously anywhere you’d find a traditional Sweet Chilli Sauce… also in many places you wouldn’t. Goes great with cheese and cured meats or as a dip with vegetarian spring rolls.


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