• Chilli Ketchup – Ketch The Reaper Ketchup

    This reaper ketchup will have you wondering why you’ve never liked chilli in your tomato sauce before. We all have our own favourite use for chilli ketchup but this one plays ball with them all. It gives fry ups the oomph, brings life to the dullest of kebabs and fills the smallest of burgers with flavour.

    Any true ketchup connoisseur knows that consistency is key and Ketch the Reaper has it all. It oozes onto your eggs just how you’d like it, but you’re free to try anyway. Ooh it’s very saucy.

    A beginner’s “Hot Chilli Sauce” that carries an L plate for beginners who are just starting out, be warned this reaper ketchup will get you eventually! At only 0.34% its
    hot but not alot!


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