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For many years the top two shelves of our family fridge has been overloaded with a wide range of sauces and condiments. A trip to the supermarket would quite often involve the purchase of any new exciting sauce spotted. However the discovery of these sauces began to dwindle and the in store brands were just not cutting the mustard.

The discovery for new sauces had begun. A day out to a local festival called chilli bobs sparked some ideas. Here there were a number of stalls all selling small batch sauces and other produce. In fact I purchased a number of sauces from Daddy cools at this very festival. I realised that there were many other options outside of our familiar branded supermarkets it was just a case of tracking them down. Realising that most small independent producers utilise farmers markets and small festivals to showcase their product meant within reason I was very much restricted to my local area without embarking on many motorway miles. Then the weekend finished and the idea was put to one side. A number of weeks later the name came to mind, always love a good pun wherever possible, but the reality was I was in a busy and demanding job and the time and energy required to try and put these ideas into practice was just an occasional talking point.

Fast forward two years and with work grinding to a halt due to the global pandemic I like many others were told to stay at home. After a number of weeks gardening, sunbathing, drinking and junk sorting the list of jobs had been completed and the restlessness began to sink in. With no option for farmers markets or motorway miles I took to social media in search of new producers for my saucey idea.

Now I had the time to kill and the perfect platform for discovering many great new names I set about contacting as many producers as I could to join the platform. With a great response the pressure was suddenly on to build my idea into a reality, and so it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Condiments to the Chef’s website.

Here you will be able to browse an extensive list of artisan and small batch sauces, condiments, rubs and spice mixes. You can view producers local to your area or on the other side of the country using the map function on the brands page. You can purchase from multiple suppliers in one basket and benefit from our customers reviews. This is a website for the condiment lover and for those who like to support small business and small batch producers but most of all love a bottle full of flavour.

Thank you for visiting and happy shoppping

Andrew Horsley

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